tDCSA combined TMS-tDCS and TENS study664.74 KBدانلود
tDCSAutonomic or thermoregulatory functions in healthy subjects after tDCS367.63 KBدانلود
tDCSBifrontal and bioccipital tDCS does not induce mood changes in healthy volunteers453.53 KBدانلود
tDCSBrain current flow during tDCS treatment in responsive stroke patient1.72 MBدانلود
tDCSChronic neuropathic pain alleviation after tDCS215.08 KBدانلود
tDCSClinical research with tDCS997.50 KBدانلود
tDCSClose to threshold tDCS preferentially activates inhibitory networks589.12 KBدانلود
tDCSDaily tDCS leads to greater increases in cortical excitability513.92 KBدانلود
tDCSEffects of simultaneous bilateral tDCS of the human motor cortex576.54 KBدانلود
tDCSEffects of tDCS in Patients with Non-Fluent Aphasia Disorder - Dr Ekhtiari1.45 MBدانلود
tDCSEffects of tDCS of the primary sensory cortex on somatosensory perception511.92 KBدانلود
tDCSEnhancing cognitive control components of insight problems solving by anodal tDCS432.14 KBدانلود
tDCSImpaired long-term depression in schizophrenia A cathodal tDCS pilot study584.95 KBدانلود
tDCSIntegrated Technologies Like Noninvasive Brain Stimulation for Stroke Rehabilitation845.54 KBدانلود
tDCSIntegrated Technologies Like Noninvasive Brain Stimulation for Stroke Rehabilitation - Dr Ekhtiari845.54 KBدانلود
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tDCSMethodological Dimensions of tDCS in Human - Dr Ekhtiari3.43 MBدانلود
tDCSModulation of Cold Pain Perception by tDCS in Healthy Individuals - Dr Ekhtiari75.93 KBدانلود
tDCSModulation of cortical activity after anodal tDCS: A fMRI study431.06 KBدانلود
tDCSNeglect-like effects induced by tDCS modulation of posterior parietal cortices in healthy subjects478.36 KBدانلود
tDCSProlonged visual memory enhancement after tDCS in Alzheimer561.57 KBدانلود
tDCSShort duration tDCS modulates verbal memory602.73 KBدانلود
tDCStDCS for the treatment of refractory chronic310.40 KBدانلود
tDCStDCS in a high gamma frequency range765.68 KBدانلود
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